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I’m Leighsa! With a skill for creating order from chaos, I began this company to help others find organizational solutions to daily dilemmas.  I will find your driving force to keep you on task and work towards your end goal. 

Most of my professional life was spent organizing office systems and the people who worked in them. I am a graduate of Ottawa’s QC Design School and a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada. I hold a Coaching Certificate from Leads Canada and am experienced helping people develop a personal plan during times of change.  

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to get organized. 

Leighsa Cuthill

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Leighsa was a pleasure to work with. She was a much-needed gentle boost to keep me motivated and moving forward toward getting my home sorted out. She kept me organized and on schedule, and when she came over, she was friendly and kind. I am now in a position where I feel comfortable in my home, and I will be able to move when needed and not have so much STUFF!
Thank you Leighsa!


What We Do!

Organizing for your home, office or business.

We work with individuals and businesses to identify the root cause of disorganized areas and offer solutions to increase the efficiency of their spaces. 


The benefits of being organized have been shown to boost productivity, save time and money and have a positive impact on relationships.

Unpacking Kitchen


The goal is to help clear obstacles that prevent organization.


Spaces needing organization are completely emptied and worked through one at a time.


Once an area is empty, the sorting begins.
Sorting includes decluttering, which allows energy to flow through the space.


Decluttered items are recycled, donated or placed in the garbage. 

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Items that remain are organized and labelled.

Labels help ensure items are put away in the right place and define a system to keep your space organized.

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